Youth Crime and Violence: Narratives of a Caribbean Mother

Narratives of a Caribbean Mother

“De Juk”

Child knife juking child,
Fuh what? Tings really gone wild
Clients looking fuh coke which youngers protecting
Plenty youth death today we expecting
Some say is rebels without a real cause
Others say is just rebels without a pause. 

 Fas, fas de leggo beast tek Rudy life
Juk him in de belly wid a sharp kitchen knife
Mudder hold she head bawling
Dis woman strong like iron
Now she collapsing and falling.

Empty promises is what people hear
Government cuts each and every year
Cupboards open, bare and scanty
Children in social housing livin in shanty
Forced to play on de pavement
No hope of future employment
Each week mudder playing de Euro millions lotto
Trying anyting to escape from de ghetto

She have two young daughters
An’ a son in jail for manslaughter
Outside de police sirens howling
Inside de children belly growling
Last night at Rudy’s birthday we feting
Today we measuring a coffin an’ fretting
Tomorrow we digging six foot deep an’ 3 foot wide
Fuh what dis killing? To preserve all yuh pride?

Youth centres permanently closed
Employment opportunities always goes
No wuk, de McDonalds’ vacancy fill
No money to pay de food and electricity bill
Every day we ‘ave to struggle and hustle
Disagreements no longer settled wid muscle
Instead is knife against knife
Pointlessly teking young people life.

Attracted to de road life on de pavement
No possible prospect of any employment
De leggo beast was not granted bail
He stick in jail starting to rant and rail
In Rudy’s coffin dey hammer in de last nail
All dese tragic stories
Only giving de Sun newpaper glories

We are not a forgotten race
Let we stand together, mek a difference in dis here place
De vulnerable youth we must embrace
Support one another, be a united force
An’ swerve deh life from dis wretched course

Tanty Mauvais
(Michele Beute, Lawyer, Lecturer and Spoken Word Poet)

Copyright 2019